Occasions and Private Hire

At The Beehive we have no Private Function Room, However we have areas that we can reserve within our welcoming space. If required we can sometimes offer the entire pub for your use, We have accomodated the gatherings following Weddings, Funerals, Christenings and numerous other celebrations. All are most welcome.


We can also arrange for personal service of both food and drink


On any partcular day (within times) our standard menus are always available.


Otherwise, with prior notice we can offer a dedicated Buffet Menu for £10.00 per person.

Full details are below.

Pre arranged Buffet Menu - £10.00 per person

Our Buffet Menu has been carefully created to offer a good selection of meat and non meat dishes.

(Please remember to advise us of any allergies ahead of time)

Chicken Skewers marinated in Sweet Chilli Sauce or Peanut Butter (please specify)


Prawns in Filo


Chippolatas marinated in Mustard Sauce


Grilled Halloumi, Olives, Humous, Guacomole and Pitta Bread


Vegetarian and Quiche Lorraine


Southern Fried Chicken Bites


Garlic Bread


Bowles of Fries


Salad Bowl and Coleslaw